Here’s How to Win at an Escape Room!

More and more people try escape rooms and have a good time solving mysteries and playing with friends and family. Is this your first time you look for escaping games? You think you are an expert but you want to improve your detective skills? Learn how to win at an escape room!

First of all, you always have to keep in mind that escape games are team games: communicate at all times, yell out clues to help your friends, be ready to listen to suggestions and questions by other players. After all, you are only as good as your team! If you work as a unit you will find yourself out of that room in no time and will get the most from this exciting experience.

Maybe you are thinking that this is easier said than done. Not at all! All it takes is just a bit of strategy and trust in your and your team’s abilities. Start by assigning each player a section of the room, for example, dividing the work in a timely fashion: each one of you will be looking for clues and useful items, shouting if something interesting comes up. Memory and attention are of the essence!

Everything around you could hide the key to escape from the room, even the least suspicious things. Touch objects, see what they do or could be used for, don’t be afraid to experiment: pull levers, use switches, move items around and keep talking to your friends. Different people could think in different ways, and every contribute could be decisive!

If you ever find yourself stuck, an attentive game master is right there to help you. But remember to go easy on asking them for clues, or you will spoil your fun!

If you live near Washington or can travel there, don’t lose the opportunity to try and beat the Escape Room DC. One hour, your logic skills and the help of your friends will be all you have to solve all those challenging puzzles and escape! The DC Escape Room Insomnia comes with detailed interiors, medium-to-high difficulty levels and immersive stories that will keep you hooked. For the biggest nerds out there, it is even possible to have fun with virtual-reality room-escaping!


The Alchemist 360 Remote Escape Room

2+ players

60 min

The Alchemist Virtual escape room

Dungeon Things

Level 8 (medium)

2-10 players

60 minutes

The Mafia

Room Escape Gangsters and Bootleggers

Level 7 (medium)

2-9 players

60 minutes

Mafia Escape Room DC

The Alchemist

Level 9 (medium to advanced)

2-8 players

60 minutes

Escape Room DC - The Alchemist


Level 6 (beginners to medium, tech savvy)

2-8 players

60 minutes

Virtual Reality Escape Room

The Patient

Level 10 (medium to advanced)

2-9 players

60 min

Detective Thriller Escape Room

Virtual Reality Escape Rooms

Levels 5-10

2-4 players

60 minutes

VR Escape Room

Escape The Lost Pyramid VR Escape Game

Level 7 (medium)

2 or 4 players

60 minutes

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Any game

60 minutes

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