Six reasons to try an escape room in DC!

Escape rooms are a relatively new phenomena in the US, but what is this craze about? Why do people flood to try the newest escape games in almost every US city? Maybe you heard about friends who tried it, but still need a few good reasons to be convinced! Luckily for you, Insomnia Escape Room DC is here to help you out! Here’s our list for the top six reasons to why trying an escape game is a great idea!

#1 An escape room in DC with complete immersion

First, let’s settle the basics. An escape game (or exit game, escape room) is an often room-sized puzzle, where you and your partners (often co-workers, friends or family) have to solve riddles and challenges to get out in a given time. You win if you escape in time, you lose, if you cannot solve the puzzle! The quality of escape games vary from town to town, but the best rooms try to offer an experience of complete immersion. After all, no movie or play is complete without a great set! The same applies to Washington DC escape rooms: many offer thematic adventures and challenges, but few make the extra mile of crafting a complete, professional set to maximize your game experience! Here at Insomnia we believe that immersion is key, and that is why we designed and built our rooms from the ground up!

”To complete your escape room dc experience we provide costumes, props, and much, much more!”

#2 Your private escape game experience

Escape games are popular around the world, with a new room popping up in every major city of the globe almost daily. Strangely, most businesses in the States decided to offer mixed tours, meaning you pay a per person price, and then you are put together with complete strangers. This is a uniquely American approach to escape games. Here at Insomnia, however, we believe that the essence of escape games lie in the joy of solving a challenge as a team, and sharing the experience of success with someone you care about. That is why we only offer private games, meaning you only play with friends, family, co-workers. No strangers, you get what you paid for! Simple as that!

#3 Better than sitting in a bar

Ok, hear us out on this one! There is nothing better than unwinding at a bar after a long week, there is no debating here. However, after a while, every group of friends prefer mixing it up a bit, it is natural. This is where escape games come in! There is no better group activity out there currently, then trying to solve a challenging puzzle in an immersive environment!

“And yes, after the success of escaping from the room, you can always head back to the bar and talk about your experience!”

#4 Takes you out of your regular shell

Getting bogged down in your regular routine is not great for one’s mental hygiene. Every once in awhile, it is good to bust out of our shell and try something new. Training the brain is a must in today’s stressful world, and escape room DC is definitely something that will oil your problem-solving gears!

#5 A great family activity

Organizing a proper family activity can be a nightmare, and when you finally manage to sync everyone’s schedule, often finding the proper entertainment can be even more difficult! Luckily, finding an activity that entertaints all members of your family, regardless of age, occupation and hobby interests, is no longer a hassle! From experience speaking, once a family enters an Insomnia Escape Room DC game, all of these differences disappear! In a blink of an eye every member of the family is knee deep in solving the riddle! How rare is that?

#6 Escape room, the real virtual reality!

Remember the Holodecks from Star Trek? They were rooms that could create any virtual settings, that felt real, so people could relax and enjoy an adventure! While augmented and virtual reality solutions are advancing as we speak, technology is still yet to break into the wonders of complete immersion. Until then, you have escape rooms to enjoy the same sense of wonder and immersion!

So, what are you waiting for? Book your escape room dc adventure now!


The Alchemist 360 Remote Escape Room

2+ players

60 min

The Alchemist Virtual escape room

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Level 8 (medium)

2-10 players

60 minutes

The Mafia

Room Escape Gangsters and Bootleggers

Level 7 (medium)

2-9 players

60 minutes

Mafia Escape Room DC

The Alchemist

Level 9 (medium to advanced)

2-8 players

60 minutes

Escape Room DC - The Alchemist


Level 6 (beginners to medium, tech savvy)

2-8 players

60 minutes

Virtual Reality Escape Room

The Patient

Level 10 (medium to advanced)

2-9 players

60 min

Detective Thriller Escape Room

Virtual Reality Escape Rooms

Levels 5-10

2-4 players

60 minutes

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Level 7 (medium)

2 or 4 players

60 minutes

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60 minutes

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