The Mafia

Bootleggers, La Cosa Nostra, federal agents and high-rank DC politicians, mixed in a strong cocktail of fun and intellectual challenge. This is the year 1933, under mysterious circumstances, you are transferred to a secret speakeasy, back in the waning days of Prohibition.


Insomnia Escape Room D.C. prides itself on providing an immersive escape game experience. We have props that feel right, sets that will take you back in time. What else does Insomnia offer?

  • Carefully crafted room design with professional, movie-grade props
  • Game mechanics designed by seasoned escape room experts
  • A professional game-master to help you out if you ever get stuck
  • No jump-scares
  • Ideal for birthdays, team-buildings, friends and family!

Will you succeed in completing the mission and change the course of history? Come on in, but you have been warned!

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The story of The Mafia Escape Room

Tucked away in a remote alleyway, behind an unmarked door and camouflaged with a fancy gallery space, there is an urban heaven for booze aficionados...

Just a few people know about this gloomy place, even fewer know about the dark secrets its walls guard: this speakeasy is the regular meeting place of the most powerful and feared Mafia family of DC, the Cottone clan. Prominent politicians at both state and federal level have been infiltrated by this dangerous group of criminals.

But you have a secret too. You are a team of agents, hired by a high-rank politician to discover and retrieve documents about his connections to the Mafia, the notorious ‘Cosa Nostra’.

Once inside, you will not have the time to sit back in one of those comfy leather armchairs and let some of the savviest bartenders read your mind. You need to read theirs. No-one can promise the successful outcome of your dangerous mission, but fortunately, you have gotten access to several highly encrypted clues. Being so well hidden, there are, of course, problems. So you need to be smart and cautious. Very, very cautious.

Our Cosa Nostra escape room, also known as ‘Our Thing’ has a thrilling story, original enigmas and a rich role play with many plot twists that will make you live a unique adrenaline-fuelled experience.



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