The Alchemist

Philosopher’s stone, Alchemist’s library and secret manuscripts at the mystical swirl of “The Order of the Alchemists” Room.

You are standing in front of an unmarked wooden door and two large windows carved into the aging brickwork of DC’s most eerie library. You and your hopefully reliable companions step into a dimly lit interior where the numerous bookshelves are coupled with gold details and vintage chandeliers covered in a cobweb.

The Alchemist room is 2016 Golden Lock In Winner. The room was in the TOP-13 among 200 rooms across USA, Canada and Australia by Room Escape Artist.

Insomnia Escape Room D.C. prides itself on providing an immersive escape game experience. We have props that feel right, sets that will take you back in time. What else does Insomnia offer?

  • Carefully crafted room design with professional, movie-grade props
  • Game mechanics designed by seasoned escape room experts
  • A professional game-master to help you out if you ever get stuck
  • No jump-scares
  • Ideal for birthdays, team-buildings, friends and family!

All you have are the clues you find in the room, teamwork, and your wits to beat the room in one hour. Or, will it beat you?

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Enter the realm of The Alchemist!

A perfect library with floor to ceiling bookshelves. The smell of old books that lingers here is distinctive, but it is hard to know exactly what creates the nostalgic aroma. The room looks like the place where Goldfinger would stockpile gold reserves. Oh, wait… Have I just said gold?

Well, that is right. Probably you have heard that the Order of the Alchemists has finally created the Philosopher’s Stone. The secret gathering of the Order is arranged to take control of the World with this powerful artifact. You are sneaking into the library of the Master of the Order just 60 minutes before the Order members will start arriving. You are the last hope of mankind, you have to stop them.

Our escape room could be filled with enough comfy chairs and reading material to call itself DC’s best-hidden library but you will not have time for such mundane activities anyway. This is the place where the Order of the Alchemist keeps their secret documents and your task it to find the Stone.

The Alchemist is an innovative escape room here in DC. Once you and a group of your friends cross the threshold, you are transported into a different world. Can you escape the library before the members of the Order come for you? Can you find the Stone before it is too late?


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