The Alchemist 360 Remote Escape Room

Play our most popular escape game online! Philosopher’s stone, Alchemist's library, and secret manuscripts at the mystical swirl of The Alchemists Room. We offer a unique online escape room experience for remote teams. Interactive multiplayer game with 360°view of the real room: each player can independently explore the room, move objects and access the inventory of the props shared between all team members. Communicate with your team and brainstorm ideas to escape faster than other teams!

Alchemist 360 is an online escape room that takes place in a real-life escape room. You and your friends access it from the comfort of your home.

Connect with up to 100 households via Zoom call or Google Meet and immerse into the magical world of The Alchemist Room. All games are private, so it will be just you and your friends/ family even if you have just a few players.

Online Escape Room

You will have access to the panoramic views of each room with zoom-in and real-time props inventory system.

Online Escape Room

Game features

  • 360 Interactive Room View with props Inventory  – you control the game flow 100% from your screen
  • Multiplayer interface – you see other team members' actions
  • Game briefing and debriefing with a Live Game Master and hints and support via Chat all the time during the game.
  • Connect with your team – we offer Zoom, Google Meet or Jitsi Meet for Video Conferencing
  • Play from anywhere – you will just need a computer with internet connection.

This game will be played from your home via an internet connection. You are NOT playing on-site at Insomnia Escape Room DC.

Required Equipment: computer with an internet connection, zoom app. We also recommend having a pen and paper for notes. 

Planning a team building? Check Alchemist 360 Team Building page.

Reviews from players: 

"Just played Insomnia Escape Room’s Alchemist remotely from California and it was so much fun! Our game master Mira was fantastic and added to the experience! My regret is we couldn’t play this room in person, but so thankful it’s open to us in CA! Highly recommend it! The puzzles are clever, set design is fantastic and the zoom format works great! This definitely meets the need for an online escape experience while we’re waiting for them to open up!"

You can reserve a timeslot online, send us an email request or call 202-977-7118 with any questions about virtual escape rooms.

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Play The Alchemist Room from the comfort of your home

The Order of the Alchemists has finally created the Philosopher’s Stone. The secret gathering of the Order is arranged to take control of the World with this powerful artifact. You are sending the agent into the library of the Master of the Order just 60 minutes before the Order members will start arriving. The agent fully relies on you to be navigated through the library, find the stone, and escape. You are the last hope of mankind, you have to stop them.



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